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Resilient Flooring in Sarasota

Resilient Flooring in SarasotaFloors see their fair share of wear and tear. Think about it, you use your floors daily. A large amount of foot traffic in your place of business or home can cause your floors to lose their luster quickly. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on premature floor replacements, turn to ProSource of Sarasota. Our showroom offers budget-friendly resilient flooring in Sarasota and beyond to give you durable floors that are designed for heavy traffic.

Strong Vinyl Flooring

When you think of vinyl floors, what comes to mind? Do you imagine the beauty of travertine and other natural stones, or do you picture planks that look like wood? Vinyl flooring is not only affordable, but it's also one of the most stylish and durable types of floor coverings available. Simply have it layed over the sub floor correctly, and your vinyl will enhance the aesthetics of a space, while providing long-lasting performance.

Linoleum Floors: Ideal for Your Project

Far less expensive than other floors, such as ceramic tile, linoleum has a host of other benefits. Unlike many other floor options, it's designed to withstand the test of time. In fact, linoleum floors can last up to four decades with little maintenance. In addition, it's easy to work with, allowing trade professional clients and business owners to create a custom floor design. Linoleum is water resistant, making it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and laundry rooms; however, it can be added anywhere.

Comfortable Cork Floors

If your biggest concern is underfoot comfort, cork floors may be the solution you seek. Resilient and stylish, cork floors make walking and standing more comfortable than you ever thought possible. There are various types of cork available. For your convenience, our specialists are readily available to explain the variations, and help you select the right type for your unique needs.

Rubber Floor Options: Growing in Popularity

When you think of floor coverings, you probably imagine carpet, hardwood flooring, and other well-known options. Today, more and more residential and commercial clients are choosing rubber. To put it simply, rubber floor options provide more spill protection, are versatile, and are easier to maintain than most people believe. In addition, they're also comfortable and can be installed quickly.

Add Value to a Space with Luxury Vinyl Tile

Our resilient flooring options don't end with rubber. In fact, we proudly offer luxury vinyl tile, which will add appeal to a room and increase the value of a structure drastically. These vinyl products are made using 3D printing technology, making the LVT look exactly like other high-end materials, like wood or ceramic. In fact, the state-of-the-art technology works so well that your LVT floors can fool even the most observant guests or customers.

If you're looking for a look similar to hardwood or stone, but at a more affordable price, consider vinyl plank flooring. Beautiful, functional, and stylish, vinyl planks will complete a high-end design perfectly, but won't compromise your budget.

Complete Your Design with Laminate Floors

It's no secret that hardwood has long been desired by trade professional clients and business owners alike. Unfortunately, real wood floors are known to fade and sustain scratches over time. Why spend thousands of dollars on floors that won't retain their pristine appearance? Instead, add laminate flooring, which is known for its longevity.

Laminate flooring is designed similarly to LVT floors, creating life-like images of real wood and stone. The major differences between laminate flooring and the high-end products many designers, and business owners prefer are the price, maintenance, and its ability to last.

Give your space beautiful floors that will last by contacting us. We'll help you select the perfect resilient flooring for your home, business, or project. Our company is proud to serve clients throughout Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, Ellenton, and Palmetto, Florida, as well as the surrounding areas.

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